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Manage your payment details

At zzHosting we make managing your payment details simple. If you wish to amend, add or delete saved methods, you can easily from within your client area. Login to your client area now! This article contains 3 different guides, including: Manage payment methods. Billing overview. Invoice management. On most occasions this should work without incident. […]

Set up your email in iPhone

Don’t have an email already? Set one up now using our guide. The iPhone mail app allows you to manage your email on the move without needing any other 3rd party applications like Gmail or Outlook. It also lets you centralise multiple mailbox’s from different providers. And, make changes en masse such as marking read/un-read […]

Set up your email account in Gmail

This is for Gmail. Interested in setting up Outlook or adding your email to iPhone? Gmail is one of the most popular web-based email providers, created emails end in Alongside, web-based email there is also POP3, IMAP and MAPI. Once you have created your email account with us its possible to link and manage […]

Why are my websites down?

Are your websites down? So you tried to visit your new (or existing) website but you’re unable! Try and keep calm, this article will guide you to the quickest possible solution. Some exaples: NX DOMAIN Error SSL Protocol Error WordPress Errors (Critical Error, White screen of death) This account is Suspended Error – Please check […]

Add your email to Outlook

Outlook can be considered an alternative to Gmail, want a guide for Gmail instead? This guide will help you with setting up your new email account in Outlook; email management software used primarily alongside existing email accounts or external email accounts. Any email account set up using your cPanel hosting is compatible with Outlook using […]

What are our nameservers?

After purchasing a domain, you need to point that domain to the server hosting your website. Achieved by creating A records for that domain corresponding to the servers IP address. An A records route traffic for the domain to the IP. However, there are many different record types including CNAME, MX and TXT which enable […]