Web vs WordPress Hosting – What’s the difference?

Posted April 27, 2022 by Angus

Not sure what to choose when it comes to web hosting? With so many offers available; sometimes it can get confusing. Ultimately, you need to find a package that’s right for your needs. Whether that be our tailor-made WordPress hosting or our cPanel web hosting, we have a service that’s right for you and your business.

When it comes down to it, there’s a great deal in common between them. Both services provide class-beating performance with software to match. Not just that; when your site has issues, our cPanel accredited support team is there to help you get back online. As your web host or WordPress host, we have server monitoring at the top of our priorities.

Table of Contents
What is Web Hosting?
What is WordPress hosting?
Who should use WordPress hosting?
Is WordPress okay for beginners?
How does WordPress hosting work?
What is managed WordPress hosting?
WordPress Hosting vs. Web Hosting: The Conclusion

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is simple, it’s a regular web hosting platform that enables websites across the internet. Most web hosting providers offer this through shared hosting; a single physical server that hosts multiple accounts through optimized sharing of server resources, including CPU, RAM, and, SSD. Spreading out computational power across multiple sites means providers can offer great prices over long periods of time.

As a web host provider, we pride ourselves on being able to offer great value, which is why our web hosting includes a non-WordPress site builder as standard. This along with other one-click install applications are a key difference between us and the competition.

When compared to most others, we come in at a cheaper price per month. This is really important to us as we wanted to be as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing with absolutely no contracts and with a great 30-day trial period.

web hosting server

The ever-changing development environment, and, subsequent industry trends require that servers be able to support different types of applications with very different needs. Typically, server configuration matches the needs of our web hosting customers.

  • HTTP server (or Web Server) – Mainly Apache, but some providers do offer options including NGINX & LightSpeed.
  • PHP & MySQL.

This type of cloud hosting can support thousands of different websites at once, helping to get your business online. However, there are some downsides to shared hosting vs VPS hosting (virtual private servers) or even dedicated servers. A VPS provides specific resources, tailored to a site. Thus, prioritizing performance over cost whilst adding further possibilities for customization.

What is WordPress hosting?

In many respects, our WordPress hosting service follows the same template as our cloud hosting. We stand out as a hosting company vs another WordPress hosting provider by having specific WordPress-optimized servers which contain more WordPress-specific features.

The biggest difference between shared WordPress hosting & Web hosting is optimization. This hosting is optimized for WordPress performance. Unlike other WordPress, we offer unlimited WordPress sites, including the enhanced features contained within WP Toolkit.

Your WordPress site

Who should use WordPress hosting?

Interested in hosting a WordPress site easily? Then choose our WordPress hosting. Our optimized WordPress hosting works great with websites created on WordPress. Our platform focuses on enhancing site functionality through the WP Toolkit by cPanel.

Whilst our WordPress hosting is not strictly managed, we have a team of WordPress experts on hand to help out when something goes wrong. Including how to fix your WordPress contact form.

When considering WordPress hosting, you have to consider both the type and the size of your website. At ZZ We like to keep it simple, our shared WordPress hosting plans include standard WordPress hosting. Standard is perfect for new sites with a few visitors, whereas the premium package packs a bit more oomph for busier sites; twice the number of resources.

Is WordPress okay for beginners?

WordPress is perfect for beginners, many of the sites on the Web use WordPress either as an entire site or to supplement some areas. As a tool for website development, WordPress is very easy to use; It has an easy-to-use dashboard with lots of different theme and plugin options.

This allows someone with moderate technical skills to be able to create a fully functioning website with some advanced features. Including creating pages, and adding navigational menus to any webpage or post. As a content management system, WordPress is perfect for site owners that want to be able to easily update and add content to a site such as a blog or newspaper/magazine.

WordPress for beginners

How does WordPress hosting work?

WordPress Hosting isn’t defined by industry – the plans of different hosting firms vary. As WordPress is a simple software application that runs on every hosting system supporting PHP/ MySQL. The term WordPress Hosting is a web hosting product specifically designed for WordPress, with a WordPress site pre-installed and ready for configuration.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

As a concept, Managed WordPress hosting is just that. A completely hands-off solution that ensures your website doesn’t have any downtime. Just supply the initial website and web hosts will manage it all. This could include automatic WordPress updates and monitoring the site for WordPress-specific threats, including known/unknown vulnerabilities. Keeping your site managed helps your SEO, which can help boosts traffic and therefore profit.

The problem with many managed WordPress hosting services is that many WordPress hosting providers don’t provide a fully managed WordPress hosting plan. It is more of a hybrid package in which some core updates are pushed to combat security issues and is mutually beneficial.

WordPress Hosting vs. Web Hosting: The Conclusion

It is not always easy to decide between Web Hosting versus WordPress hosting. What you select varies based on your hosting requirements, your budget, and the support provided.

As discussed, the features offered are fairly similar to web hosting but are less optimized. All of our servers are built on top of CloudLinux OS and use LSPHP which is why we can support high traffic volumes across several sites on one hosting service.

Website performance should be top of your list, if you’re a website owner using a WP site, I recommend choosing our standard WordPress hosting package, as this provides the best value for money and includes a number of great features including:

  • cPanel/WHM – Supported by our cPanel accredited technicians.
  • Unlimited Websites, SSD Space, Bandwidth, and more!
  • Free SSL certificates.

If your WordPress site needs more power, or you want to host multiple WordPress websites, we can scale to meet your needs. Choose our Premium WordPress hosting which has twice the LVE resources including 2CPU, 4GB RAM, and 50 Entry processes. Premium also provides SSH access allowing power users to better manage a multi-site WordPress installation.

Our Premium hosting service is a definite step up from standard WordPress hosting. Do you need the best performance and the highest level of control? If so, Premium hosting is just as powerful as most VPS WordPress hosting services.

Many websites fail to recognize the choice of a web host as a fundamental component of success. Choosing a WordPress hosting solution that can support and scale to the needs of your website is why we should be your web hosting provider.

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