Fix WordPress contact form

Now that you’ve installed WordPress, you might’ve started adding additional features through Plugins. One of the most common plugins we see at zzHosting is a contact form.

Contact forms are great, they let visitors to your site get in touch and add a professional feel to your site. However, you’ve probably noticed that currently your contact form isn’t working. This is caused by a missing FROM address in email headers, without this FROM address our spam filter will classify it as spam.

Don’t worry the fix is easy. There’s no need for any coding knowledge and is achieved by installing WP Mail SMTP by WPForms. This plugin can also be used alongside the contact form by the same business.

How to fix your contact form

Install WP Mail SMTP

  1. Firstly, enter your admin login details when prompted to access your WordPress admin area.
  2. Once you have logged in, go to the plugin section of the WordPress admin area.
  3. From this Plugin section you can add new plugins to your WordPress website. To do this click on Add new and search for the plugin “WP Mail SMTP by WPForms”. To finish installing the plugin click install now.
  4. Once installed you will need to activate the plugin in WordPress. To do this go back to the plugin area and activate the plugin.
  5. Now you have activated the plugin, use the set up wizard by clicking on the orange get started button.

Configure the plugin

  1. First off, in the wizard choose the option Other SMTP.
  2. Afterwards, the details for the SMTP server. Try localhost or cloud****
  3. Next, the most important part select force from email. Then click on save and continue.
  4. From here on, the wizard will ask if you want to install the WPForms contact form and receive a weekly email summary. If you don’t click the grey tick boxes to remove the additional features.
  5. The next two steps can be skipped, unless you’re interested in receiving adding additional features.
  6. Finally, after completing set up the wizard will try to send an email to test for any faults.