Compliance Services Schedule

This is a Schedule to the General Terms of Unlimited Web Hosting UK Limited (t/a "zzHosting"). This Schedule applies to the Compliance Services defined below, and as stipulated in an Order.

Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions used in the General Terms apply to this Schedule. Any other terms defined in this Schedule have that meaning for this Schedule only.


In this Schedule, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

“Compliance Services” the services we provide to our customers by which we analyse and test PCI-DSS compliance in respect of Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Cloud, VPS, VPS Hosting, Hybrid VPS or Hybrid Servers; and
“Compliance Services Fees” the fees payable to us by you for our provision to you of the Compliance Services.


2.1 What we provide: The Compliance Services are to provide you with our view as to whether a particular server is secured to a level sufficient to pass an external PCI-DSS network penetration test at a particular point in time. We will provide the Compliance Services in order to ascertain what level of security hardening is required for the relevant servers to pass the relevant penetration test, and we shall undertake such security hardening as is required for the server to pass such penetration test.

2.2 Limited warranty: We warrant that, in providing the Compliance Services, the relevant server will be capable of passing the relevant penetration test at the particular point in time when we complete the required security hardening. We cannot guarantee that such capability will continue following our completion of such security hardening. You acknowledge that PCI-DSS compliance requirements are constantly changing and a server that is compliant at a certain point in time may become non-compliant as requirements change unless further testing and improvement is undertaken.


3.1 Compliance Services Fees: The Compliance Services Fees are as set out on the Website at the time that you submit your Order, subject to Clause 10.3.


4.1 Term of this Schedule: This Schedule shall commence on the date of the relevant Order Acceptance and, unless terminated earlier in accordance with the termination provisions under this Agreement, shall continue in full force and effect until the latest of:

4.1.1 the completion of the provision of the Compliance Services in accordance with this Agreement; or

4.1.2 the conclusion of payment of all sums due under this Schedule.

Updated on 20th June 2023.