Add your email to Outlook

This guide will help you with setting up your new email account in Outlook; email management software used primarily alongside existing email accounts or external email accounts.

Any email account set up using your cPanel hosting is compatible with Outlook using either POP3 or IMAP and SMTP. After setting up an email you will gain all the benefits of both the web & program based application.

There is also, a both Android and iOS applications which have the added benefit of working anywhere. Meaning you don’t need to perform any additional set up for new devices. Just sign into your existing account.

Adding accounts to Outlook

The images used in this guide are of Outlook 2016. This may not be the most recent version but the steps will be the same. If not please contact our team to assist you.

  • Firstly, open the Microsoft Outlook application and then click file.
MS Outlook Home Page Home Page with File Highlighted

Microsoft Outlook 2016

  • Now you’re in the file area under account information, Click add account.
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Account Information Page Add an account highlighted in Microsoft Outlook 2016

Add an account to Microsoft Outlook 2016

  • In the add account area, click on Manual setup or additional setup types. Then click next.
MS Outlook Home Page Home Page with File Highlighted

Microsoft Outlook 2016

  • Click on the option POP or IMAP, then click next.
MS Outlook Home Page MS Outlook Home Page with File Highlighted

Microsoft Outlook 2016

  • Now, enter your name and the email address into user information.
  • Depending on which protocol you prefer you will choose either POP3 or IMAP and then enter the following server details.

Configuration Details

SSL Incomingcloud****
SMTP Outgoing cloud****
  • Afterwards, you will need to enter your login details, this is straightforward, enter your email address and associated password.
Microsoft Outlook account settings page
Microsoft Outlook account settings page
  • Finally, enter advanced settings by clicking more settings.
  • Next, change the configuration of the outgoing server. This is because the outgoing server requires authentication. Also, ensure that it uses the same settings as the incoming mail server.
Microsoft Outlook extended outgoing settings
Microsoft Outlook extended settings.

Whilst it should be automatic, if you want you can also check the port numbers. These will vary based on the protocol used and whether SSL is used.

ProtocolSSLNon SSL

Finally, leave the more settings area and click next. This will run the email test tool and check that everything matches up and is useful for debugging any issues.